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Dec 03rd
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our partnersDependable, Steadfast and Working For You

The Cousins Group’s internal team work vigorously to improve your balance sheet, reduce costs and  manage your progress during an economic contraction.

In addition, TCG can call upon a specialist group of partners in the Financial Industry, including IT operations, payment processing, web design and marketing We also direct, manage and support non-profit organizations.

This creative network of partners come together to provide organizations with a competitive edge, through collaboration and conception of ideas. It is through this unique collaborative process that The Cousins Group can explore cutting-edge initiatives and proposals.




Avenue B Consulting Inc
is a management consulting firm focusing on payment systems products, services and technologies. They offer a variety of services tailored to the payment system environment including business and strategic planning, new product development, product market validation, business and IT assessments and competitive analysis.

Maria Arminio, President and CEO of Avenue B Consulting, has consulted in in the following areas: credit and POS debit programs, ATM networks, payment switching software applications, prepaid and smart cards, online banking and bill presentment, expedited payments, mobile banking and mobile payments, remote deposit capture, retail operations, risk management, electronic benefits transfer and e-commerce solutions.


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